The best tools for job search The best tools for job search The best tools for job search The best tools for job search

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Työkirja 2022 is now available!

Työkirja 2022 workbooks are now available on your campus! Also the pdf-version of the Työkirja 2022 is available on this website.


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Be the explorer of your own career

What will you be when you grow up? Some people have a crystal-clear idea of their future career path already in childhood: veterinarian, architect, successor to the family farm. The career paths of others are more meandering, and they take[...]

11.02.2022 #Job-seeking Working Life

Feeling at home in Finland

We asked international talent to answer five questions on their life in Finland. Those who responded in the survey gave interesting answers: we want to share them with you. How would you answer these questions? What are your favorite things[...]

31.01.2022 #Working Life

Networking expands your opportunities

  Only a small fraction of Finns find their job by applying for a vacancy. So how do people find their jobs? An excellent way of finding work is to make use of your own networks. Networking expands your opportunities[...]

13.01.2022 #Job-seeking Working Life

Työkirja 2022 is now available!

Työkirja 2022 – now available on your campus!  Työkirja is the best and most well-known job search and career workbook for technology students. In the Työkirja 2022  you can find the latest CV and application letter examples. We mapped out many of the important processes required in job search.[...]

08.11.2021 #Job-seeking Working Life

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