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Työkirja is the best job-searching and career guide for technology students. We want to make job-searching and career visioning as smooth as possible for you. 

First and foremost this guide aims to help you to find a job – summer job, traineeship, internship and position to write your master’s thesis. We want to help you to create a career vision to use as a roadmap during your studies.

The job market of technology professionals is increasingly international. Therefore this guide has content both in Finnish and in English. We hope that Finnish students will be able to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Additionally we want to help the international professionals studying in Finland to find exciting jobs.

TEK’s studies show that job experience and having a professional network during studies have a huge impact on your future. We have been making this guide for 26 years to give you the most useful insights. This guide has been made in collaboration with employers, career experts of universities and other professionals.

Työkirja is launched in the end of November. Come and get your own copy of it!

If you can’t join the launch events, you will be able to get a copy afterwards at your university’s career services.

Launch event dates and places:

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