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It’s again that time of the year when students are cramming for the final exams of the term, the first flowers are starting to bloom and everyone’s digging out summer clothes from their wardrobes. May, at the latest, brings with it spring and thoughts turn almost compulsively from studying towards summer and summer jobs. Summer will be here surprisingly quickly, and many start their summer jobs already in May. The atmosphere in late spring is often a little tense but, above all, full of expectation.

A summer job is an excellent opportunity to develop your own skills and competence as a future expert. It’s good to take a moment think about the related thoughts and expectations in advance. A summer job is also an opportunity for employers to meet students and offer an opportunity to get to know the industry, its professionals and working environments.

TEK conducts an annual student survey that maps out what kinds of issues are important for students in questions related to studying and summer jobs. The survey from 2017 shows that 83% of students of technology had a summer job. Students succeeded primarily in finding summer jobs from their own field as only 12% worked in jobs that were not related to the field of their studies.

In all, 37% of the respondents found it easy to find a summer job. However, finding a summer job is not always a piece of cake and it takes patience. As a result, a third of students of technology experienced that it was difficult or extremely difficult to find a summer job.

What to expect from a summer job?

Summer jobs have many benefits but students experienced that there are few noticeably beneficial factors above others. The most important reasons for working were financial factors, developing own competence and advancing career goals. A large share of students have had their expectations met when it comes to summer jobs, as more than 80% feel that working in the summer was an advantage for reaching their career goals. The results clearly indicate that summer jobs are experienced to be very significant and most should be made of them.

It’s good to think of your own expectations before starting a summer job. Set yourself objectives for your summer job in order to get as good an experience as possible. Also remember that all work is meaningful and important. Teekkarin Työkirja recommends an open and positive attitude as the best tool of a summer employee. If you have not yet scored a summer job, keep your eyes open and look around for last-minute summer job opportunities. Also remember that you can always develop your own skills and competence also outside of summer jobs!

All work is beneficial

A summer job is an important experience for a student, and it often comes with many expectations. Although students hope for summer jobs corresponding to the field of their studies, you should keep in mind that all work is significant. Some of the students are lucky and score a job in their own field but unfortunately, there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. It’s good to understand that the modern world values different kinds of work experience, and that this kind of experience and understanding of different jobs is a great strength.

Payday, experience and learning new things

Työkirja conducted a quick poll for students at the end of April. We charted their expectations related to summer jobs. The poll gave similar results as the student survey. The respondents await payday the most, which is completely understandable, as it’s important to receive compensation for your work. However, salary is more than just compensation for your work. With it, students can pay their rent and, in the best case scenario, a holiday abroad or the expenses related to hobbies.

The second most-awaited thing was accumulating work experience. Work experience is an essential part of your competence, and students feel that gaining it is very valuable. Learning new things, challenges and responsibility were also expectations related to summer jobs.

Students hope that summer jobs offer a good amount of challenges and experiences of being responsible, but also finding new working life contacts is important. In your summer job, keep in mind that it’s an excellent opportunity for networking in working life.

Text: Eetu Viitasalo
Image: GettyImages

Job-seeker, use your brain, heart and courage!

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