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Career Preference

Use LinkedIn’s Career Preference feature. In Jobs section you can tell what kind of job opportunities you are looking for, where and from what field. Tell about your requests concerning your future work. You will get personal job advertisements about


How to become active on LinkedIn?

You often hear how a wide LinkedIn network can help you in job search but how do you actually enlarge you network? Or how to take a brave step forward and have courage to publish something and start communicating in a profitable way? Here are some tips for you to succeed.



Come get your Työkirja guide book

Työkirja is the best job-searching and career guide for technology students. Based on TEK’s studies we know that it’s important to acquire work experience and build a professional network during your studies. We want to make this as smooth as possible for you. First and foremost, Työkirja aim


Preparing for a job interview

Congratulations! You have been invited to a job interview. You will be able to discuss your skills in more detail and gain more insight about your potential employer and future work tasks. The situation can feel quite challenging, especially if this is your first interview. Careful preparation c


What to do at a fair?

How to prepare for recruitment events and job fairs? What to do at a fair?

The best time for applying for summer jobs is here. Different recruitment events and job fairs are organised at university campuses in the beginning of the year. Job fairs are an excellent and effortless way to meet


Having a hobby is good for you!

I tried to have a chill hobby but ended up developing myself, by accident!

When I was 16, I let my hair grow long and bought a guitar.The album Luihin ja ytimiin by the metal band Mokoma was the crucial point: I had to start composing metal music and enjoy the benefits brought on by be


Routines make everyday life smooth

A student starting out their studies at a university is facing many new things. Moving to a new city and learning the academic study pace may burden the student’s mind.According to Pia Partanen, Study Psychologist at the University of Oulu, many great variables enter the life


A summer job is an opportunity

It’s again that time of the year when students are cramming for the final exams of the term, the first flowers are starting to bloom and everyone’s digging out summer clothes from their wardrobes. May, at the latest, brings with it spring and thoughts turn almost compulsively from studying towar


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