Being a member of an unemployment fund is an important safeguard in the working life. You can already join an unemployment fund during your studies. As a student, you can join the unemployment fund if you are in paid employment. When starting a summer job, it’s a good time to check the status of your unemployment fund membership and join if you are not already a member.

When you are a member of the fund, you accumulate earnings-related unemployment security for yourself while working. If you do not find employment immediately after graduation, you have the opportunity to receive earnings-related unemployment allowance paid by the fund.

In order to receive earnings-related allowance, you must meet the employment condition, which means working for 26 calendar weeks, i.e. 6 months. However, the work does not have to be from one time period only: as a student, you can accumulate working weeks for several years, for example in summer jobs.

You can read more about the unemployment fund membership here.